All Star Pups

All Star Pups

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There are four rescue missions to choose from and three levels to choose from! Each level gets more difficult so play your best! Instructions for each rescue mission is shown at the start so make sure you don't miss it!

Game Details

Oh No! Someone needs the Paw Patrol help in Adventure Bay! There have been some accidents which require the help of you and the Paw Patrol! Ryder and Zuma the Labrador need to go to the ocean and help collect all the items that have fallen off Cap'n Turbot's boat! Marshall the Dalmatian and Chase the German Shepard need to go clean up all the Muddy paws that have been left on windows. Rubble the Bulldog and Rocky the mix breed is needed at the beach! They need to patrol the Beach and clean up any rubbish left behind by any naughty dogs! Sky the cockapoo and Everest the husky is needed in the sky to drop food to all the stranded animals in the mountains and help them get back home! You must help all the paw patrol on their rescue missions which an exciting three levels per rescue! Can you complete them all?

Date Added: 2016-11-16

Category: Action Games

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