Corn Roast Catastrophe

Corn Roast Catastrophe

 Action Games

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Follow the instructions inside the game to help Farmer Al's Annual Corn roast not set a blaze!

Game Details

You hear a Yelp for help! Farmer Al’s Annual Corn Roast is about to turn into a popcorn roast! Hot coals from the BBQ has spilled onto the corn, and it’s popped all over the place. While this is happening Chickaletta has followed at rail of her favourite food into the barn’s hayloft and is trapped. The Paw Patrol need your help to resolve this messy situation! First, put out the smoking corn by counting the number of pumps it will take for Marshall’s water cannon to reach the sizzling snack. Then, help Chase climb up the barn to rescue Chickaletta. When you get inside you need to stalk Chickaletta’s foot prints to find out where she it! Only you can help the Paw Patrol!

Date Added: 2016-11-16

Category: Action Games

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