Snow Slide

Snow Slide

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Use the spacebar to jump over obstacles such as logs as boulders. Collect all the penguins to win, collecting five dog treats will give you a big speed boost!

Game Details

A blustery blizzard has blown a thick layer of snow and ice across the mountain! Grab your snowboard and go on a crazy snow adventure with the PAW Patrol! You and Everest the Husky will need to speed through the snow over obstacles, do crazy jumps and collecting dog treats. You are on a top secret mission to save penguins that are stuck on the mountain side, while you are snowboarding down the mountain if you collect 5 dog treats you will receive a crazy speed boost which will help you get to the penguins faster! Collect the tokens to give Skye the cockapoo a call to give you a hand with her piloting skills! You also hear news over the radio from chase that Jake is in big trouble and needs rescuing! Head to the bottom of the mountain with your amazing snowboard skills and build a bridge to help Jake out!

Date Added: 2016-11-16

Category: Action Games

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